About Me

London is home. Like many, I learned my way around the city by traveling between its hockey rinks. I was an International Baccalaureate student in highschool at Catholic Central downtown, and I stayed home to do a four-year Honours degree at Western. I’ve spent most of the last decade on the city’s west end.

I got involved in political life because I’m a Never-Stop-Learning type of person, and because like many of you, I was frustrated. I didn’t like the polarizing rhetoric I was hearing. I didn’t like that politicians were telling us less and less. And I was grounded firmly in the belief that democracy thrives on the participation of regular people like you and me. When we speak up, that’s when the best decisions are made. I became involved in political life because I wanted to help the people with bright ideas see them to fruition, and so I challenged myself to understand how decisions are made.

That drive to learn led me to volunteer in politics at every level, from municipal to provincial and federal, on campus at Western and off-campus with youth organizations like the London Youth Advisory Council. That drive to learn led to the opportunity to work in government, for a Premier, a Treasury Board President and an Attorney General.

I’ve spent years working for a growing family business here in London – a highly specialized law practice which helps businesses navigate the complex world of workplace health and safety. I’ve always enjoyed community service (and raising money for a good cause!). This year, I’ll be coaching my old minor hockey team at the brand new Bostwick Community Centre.

But enough about me. This is about you. London is your home. Let’s make sure it’s a place to be productive, to earn a living. To be adventurous. To relax and entertain. To learn and grow. Let’s make sure it can be a home you’re proud to pass along to the next generation.